Singapore Bucket List Trip 2017

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After three months of bliss in Chiang Mai, I needed to leave the county and make a visa run in order to obtain a new visa to extend my stay in Thailand. We decided on the perfect location: Singapore! Swimming in the Marina Bay Sands rooftop infinity pool has been high up on our bucket list for years and it did not disappoint!

Watch our latest video recap of our trip to Singapore below:

Some of our favorite things in Singapore were:

The beautiful rooftop bar atop the SuperTree Grove, SuperTree by IndoChine was well worth the S$20 entrance fee (1 watered down drink included). With 360 degree views of the entire city it is the by far the best place in all of Singapore for a shot in front the iconic Marina Bay Sands.

A can’t miss sight is certainly the Gardens by the Bay. Walking through the SuperTree Grove is a sight to be seen in both the day time and at night. We enjoyed wandering around the Cloud Forest, the Flower Dome, and walking along the OCBC Skywalk. Honestly, the views are breathtaking. Singapore has one of the most beautiful skylines I’ve ever seen.

We stayed in the Geylang District for most of our stay (minus the one extravagant night at the Marina Bay Sands haha). The Geylang district has a lot of character and culture. It is known as the Red Light District of Singapore because it is literally full of brothels. They are really everywhere in Geylang. I also saw throngs of people gambling in the streets there as well, that was a first! Geylang definitely has delicious food and coffee (Kopi).

Singapore is famous for its hawker stalls and although I had too high of expectations coming from the food paradise that is Thailand the food was alright. I loved the local delicacy of Char Kuay Teow and liked the Fried Carrot Cake as well. Google “Singaporean Carrot Cake” because I promise you, it is not what you think it is!

Last but not least, you must indulge in a few bottles of Singapore’s very own, Tiger beer! We were able to buy a large bottle of Tiger for only S$6 at the Hawker markets (in touristy areas these bottles were priced at over S$14 plus tax and service fee).

Our favorite Hawker Markets: Telok Ayer and Old Airport Road Food Centre – eat at both!

The highlight of our trip was by far the Marina Bay Sands Resort. We barely left that pool during our time there. It is the world’s highest pool and you truly feel like your hanging off the edge of the building. The MBS has a huge casino and a mall within the complex and is situated next to the Gardens by the Bay. There is even a very affordable food court downstairs within the mall. This was the main draw for coming to Singapore and I’m so glad we stayed here! Words cannot even begin to describe this pool so watch our YouTube video or check out my Instagram photos from the trip because it was unbelievable.

After a few hours at the pool, I’d recommend checking out the Singapore Flyer Ferris Wheel and spending time viewing the famous Merlion Statue. I think the Merlion was one of my favorite sights of the entire trip!

If you’ve got time, head over the the Singapore Botanical Gardens. If you’re lucky enough you just might get a sight of a monitor lizard or two! We even saw a few swimming across Swan Lake – they were as large as some of the gators I’ve seen back home in Florida and look eerily similar when swimming! It was a pretty cool experience.

Before you fly out, get to Changi Airport a few hours early because this a sight on its own! With a pool, several gardens, plenty of shopping, and a movie theater you could spend hours here! Changi Airport is regularly voted the World’s Top Airport.

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