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Earlier this year, Carlos and I spent two weeks exploring all of Bali! We visited several areas of the island including: Seminyak, Munduk, Ubud, and Canggu. We had a wonderful time on the island discovering the culture and food of Bali. By far, our favorite area was Ubud.

Ubud is located in the center of the island, full of lush tropical greenery it is a very different from the beach communities we visited. In Ubud we stayed at the Ubud Alam Terrace Cottages and loved it! Our room was enormous with a large balcony overlooking the jungle and the hotel pool which we spent hours in laying out and drinking bottles of Bingtang by. There were two nearby restaurants we frequented while we were there: Bala Bala and Warung Boga Sari.

While in Ubud you should definitely explore the area on a scooter (if you’re experienced on a scooter) and visit The Sacred Monkey Forest and the Campuhan Ridge Walk. There are also many beautiful temples to check out in the area as well.

We found Seminyak to be a bit too touristy for our taste, it is very near to the tourist hub of Kuta but we fell in love with Potato Head Beach Club and would definitely visit it again. Potato Head Beach Club is a restaurant/bar with private pool on the beach. As long as you spend (I think) $50 USD you can spend the day in a private cabana. Servers frequently come by to take your drink orders. We discovered some delicious mango beer while spending our day by the pool here. I’d looove to go back again!

We didn’t do too much in Canggu, there didn’t seem to be much to do there though but we still enjoyed the rice field views and local food stalls. The beaches were honestly very disappointing in Bali. Every image I had in my mind about Bali included unbelievably beautiful beaches but there is no such thing in areas we visited. The beaches were not pretty, the sand was mostly dirt and the amount of pollution and litter on the beaches was so depressing. Hundreds of thousands of plastic straws littered every beach we went to. I much preferred the beaches in Koh Lanta and even the touristy beaches of Miami are nicer. Don’t come to Bali for the beaches, come for the culture and the food. It’s a beautiful country but the beaches aren’t worth visiting in my opinion.

In Canggu we stayed at a beautiful villa with a private pool. This was my first experience staying somewhere with an outdoor bathroom. It was pretty cool until I needed to pee at 3am and ended up with mosquito bites on my butt and getting scared by 10-inch-long geckos climbing the walls in the dark haha. Honestly though, it was a really fun experience staying at this villa. It was very relaxing and quiet.

The food in Bali was unreal! Honestly, I never thought I’d go somewhere with food I loved as much as I love Thai food but Bali really knows whats up when it comes to good food. Both the famous dishes, Babi Guling and Nasi Campur are incredible. Nasi Goreng and Mie Goreng are also must try food in Bali.
Before you go, research the best warungs for Babi Guling and Nasi Campur and try several of them! We really liked Warung Nasi Babi Guling Men Agus in Seminyak and there were several in Ubud that I don’t have the names of 🙁 .

Our two week itinerary in Bali:

Jan 16 – Arrived in Bali
Jan 16-20 Seminyak U House, Seminyak
Jan 20-21 Courtyard by Marriot, Seminyak
Jan 21-23 CLV Hotel & Villa, Bedugal (near Munduk)
Jan 23-28 Ubud Alam Terrace, Ubud
Jan 28-30 AirBnB Villa in Canggu

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